December 14, 2000

from e-pals to real friends

had i reached two minutes later, i would never be able to meet my “e-mail friend” rajeev nair.

it was just like the coca-cola ad on tv. i had asked rajeev to wait near the sterling coffee stall at vt station. and when i arrived, late as usual (40 minutes late!), i coundn’t locate him. and to make things worse, every coffee stall had been painted red and blue, just like the sterling stall!

boy! was i visiting cst after a long time!

however, unlike the coca-cola ad (thankfully), we knew what the other one looked like…we’d exchanged photographs a few months back, and soon enough, the two e-mail pals found each other.

we then walked to tea centre at churchgate, and talked over crisp pakodas, yummy waffles, maple syrup and hot chai, talked a little more at marine drive, and then set back towards vt station. i remember how afraid i was that i’d never be able to speak to rajeev when i meet him in person, but sheesh, i guess i did most of the talking today!

hmmm, it can be so refreshing to know you have a friend who’s outside your usual work circle, and someone so simple and uncomplicated

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