December 11, 2000

ssshhh…sick bay

leslie’s immune system has gone for a toss. while his blood reports and other tests show normal, the doctors are unable to diagnose the problem. avina’s been suffering from wheezing cough ever since she moved here to nerul, so is preeti, who now is turning to some allergy tests as a last resort. vimal’s been absconding…apparently, he’s ill too. mahesh is recovering from a severe cold, and a sore throat.

this place sounds more like a dispensary with each passing day. everyone’s falling sick, and i strongly believe the air here is to blame. some years ago, the mankhurd-chembur-kurla zone too was declared unsafe for living, thanks to the chemical industries and the toxic fumes they used to emit.

this place is no better. what nerul needs, is an erin brockovich.

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