December 2, 2000

a weekend to myself!

my first saturday off at zdnet india and i took my cousin venkatesh and his friends lokesh and sis-in-law vanita to linking road at bandra.

venky and i couldnt help admiring the way vanita bargained (in pure bombaiya hindi) for the right price for her many handbags and shoes, while lokesh and venky were surprised when i expressed my dislike for shopping (especially window shopping).

but i did find someone who did interest me…a little greying gypsy woman who had a small wooden box and lots of white bangles on her hands and arms. so picture perfect!

when i went closer, the box had little wooden blocks with pretty designs on it, and a small circular dabba with some sort of dye-soaked cloth in it.

since i already had henna on my left palm (at anjani’s wedding), i promply extended my right hand to the little lady, who charged me just five rupees for my happiness.

finally, we left for Planet M where mahesh joined us. vanita also wanted to shop for clothes and soft toys so i led them to the crowded saturday-evening-crawford market… with not much luck with her clothes, vanita consoled herself with two bags full of rather ugh-looking santaclauses and mickey mice, and monkeys of course, with velcro palms attached. when i asked her if she was sure she wanted them, she replied brightly, “well i need to tell everyone at home that i “shopped” in BOMBAY(!)”


anyways, the most interesting part of the window shopping for mahesh and me was when we came across a toy store on our way out of crawford market, where we picked something each for our new interest…board games!

while mahesh picked up Life, i bought a detective game called Scotland Yard.

next stop: my favourite irani restaurant Bastani, where we ordered the usual bun-masca and yummy lemon tarts, and chicken sandwiches for mahesh and lokesh, who violated his saturday-only-vegetarian-food rule.

finally, in true saturday-spirit, we rounded off the day with a good movie, Mission Kashmir, which was playing at Metro.

hmmm, now that was a well-spent holiday 🙂

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