July 8, 2000

coorg, and other (mis)adventures.

god! now i’ve almost 10 days of updating to do!!! how do i always manage to get into these…?!!

anywayz, i shifted the monday-off to tuesday, and went off to coorg with my sis, her friend, and malini. not a bad idea, that. and brrrr…was it cold at coorg!! but we had a grrreat time. the pictures dint come out so well though! the adlabs guys in bangalore thought it was underexposure but in fact coorg itself was very foggy and so the prints were like that!!

we were told there are no buses to bangalore and we had to travel in the local st rickety-rackety vehicles they call buses!!! not one but TWO of them!!! coorg-mysore and mysore to bng. but hey, i did have fun, didnt i?

came back to work thursday morning and couldnt do much serious work. but strange, i never felt guilty about it. shridhar came in the afternoon and i had one of the worst conversations in my life! hope i never have to interact with such ppl again!! honest! i actually lost my temper and asked him to shut up! he’s lucky i dont grow my fingernails, or i’d have just loved to claw his stupid face!!

but shridhar did make things easier for me though. i could quit without losing much, and, thanks to nice hr ppl like pratap, who said he’d handle everything on my behalf.

met prakash in the evening. he has some problem called sciticia or something…a terrible pain that stretches right from the ankle to the hip and back-bone. god! why do bad things have to happen to good people?

went to tirupati to meet venki, sundar and ramu, and the temple too…much to jace’s, gulnar’s and shvetank’s surprise. well, cant blame them…i think i was surprised myself too!

but the best part was meeting sanjeev who was in tirupati with his mother on the same day! aunty really liked me very much, and i thought i was trying to meet her for the past three years!!!
aunty knows palmistry and she said i cannot escape marriage.


but she also said it will happen when i least expect it!! WOW! dont i love surprises ;-)) and what a comforting thought that is! if sanjeev hadnt told me the same four years back, i’d have been sure that aunty was trying to keep me happy…
aunty also said i’ve a LOT of health problems i’m least bothered about, and that there are many who really need me (!!??)

they do?? so why doesnt anyone, anyone, just say so???

now, why do i suddenly feel this vaccuum inside? maybe a glass of chilled water should help.

sanjeev and venky seem to have hit off pretty well! sanjeev called me today and said he didnt know why he suddenly felt attached to venky in just two hours. funny, venky told me the same thing on our way back from tirupati…

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