July 8, 2000

bangalore to bombay on a singapore-plane!

second day at zdnet today. peaceful. but shvetank and leslie said they’re expecting a lot from me…

leslie is not as negative as i’d thought him to be. in fact, he’s very nice. just likes to see his work get done, thats all 🙂

as for me, i’m still recovering from the multiple adventures i think…especially the last one, where i missed my train, and bus, and ended up with over 70 kgs of luggage i had to carry home from bangalore all by myself!

eby and satya were my angels throughout the adventure, and after unsuccessful attempts to catch the udyan express at majestic stn and cantonment, i finally found myself seated to a really cool-looking phirang on a singapore-bng-bbay connecting post-midnight flight. but i was so tired, i dozed off…worse, i didnt even know what was being served on the flight!!

my parents were more than shocked when i called them at 4:30 the next morning…ebs said his dad would have had four cardiac arrests by the end of this adventure!!!

well, i guess these are the stuff grandchildren-and-neice-and-nephew-stories are made up of 🙂

oki! guess i’d go to bed now. jace will teach me zope tomorrow. hope this rain stops pouring so heavily by morning, dont want to reach very late.

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