June 26, 2000


satya, eby, nitin and i finally went for a picnic!
only, we didnt get to see the place. thats right! the site bangalorebest.com did not mention in its travel section that thippanahalli is a ‘national secret’ and that you need permission from the cauvery board to get into the water reservoir!

result: we were shooed away the moment we entered 10 feet of the guards’ cabin…of course there were many localites ‘dating’ and all, but well, apparently they had the permission too!

anyways, the 35-km drive on magadi road was really good, and we had a great time pretending to be picnickers 😉

took the ring road back to indiranagar where satya and i shared a hot pizza at dominoes. then we left for nitin’s place and after a quick refresing up, left for bethesda church, eby’s church.

eby’s church has no statue of the cross or jesus christ, no candles are lit, no one carries a mother mary picture or rosary beads. just a few people believing in a direct relationship with jesus christ.

is this why i was in bangalore for all of six months? to get in touch with my “spiritual self” as eby puts it? why is it that i can relate to all these people?

we sang hymns (yes, i sang too, along with the others 🙂 and read a part of the scripture.
(and there was one part that almost choked me to tears). then there was the round of coffee and biscuits and general hi-glad-to-meet-yous and sad-to-see-you-go introductions…

god! i actually felt i’d miss bangalore again yesterday! and i think i surely will. too bad itspace didnt work out for me.

but methinx i’ll come back. very soon 🙂 and i’ll buy a house, and a dog, and live happily ever after (yawn, blah blah) there i go again…

that reminds me…gotta rush home now.
deepu, prachi, malini and i are leaving for coorg by the 11:30 pm bus. and i havent packed/eaten/packed for bbay yet!

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