June 25, 2000


last night’s party was fun!

rajesh reddy, unimobile founder, was the host – his sister got married two days back. we started late, but then we reached early, by the party standards 😉

there was great music, a grrreat dance floor and dance (i enjoyed dancing too ;-), and dinner was served after 11pm! the best part of the evening was the tattoo i got painted on my hand :-))

meeting the ppl there was also fun, and i was looking for udhay shankar, whose unimobile id i saw on the silk-list discussion site. but what would i say to him? i hadnt ever entered the discussion ever!! finally i didnt meet him 🙁

anyways, i met anupama and we decided to go ahead on the freelancing agreement. now i’ll finally have a small additional source of income 🙂

got home at 1:30 am, read a little about synesthesia, and then dozed off.

today satya, eby, nitin, abhishek and me are going to this place called thippagondanahalli (wow!) abt 35 kms from here, and this regional design centre called ja na pa da lo ka (sounds like sa re ga ma pa da!! its 53 kms from here but i wonder if ebs and goonk will agree.

eby just refused to get teddy along. i’m so disappointed. grrrr….

gotta leave now. and get my camera :-))

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