June 22, 2000

stream of consciousness??

it’s been a strange day today.

dint want to go to office when i woke up. and i’ve been thinking a LOT.

thinking, about thinking.
about why the guy from indya.com stopped at the first floor to get a sprite when he could have got it from the cafetaria on the terrace that is closer to his office (the indya office is on the fourth). then i reasoned mebbe he dint want to climb all the way up when he could get a sprite ‘on’ the way up. and then i realised how this one subject (of the indya guy and his sprite) kept me occupied for all the four floors that i climbed!!!

btw, i dont even know the kido, just that he works there.

perhaps its because i’m kind of in a ‘dazed’ state today! or because i blacked out this morning for no apparent reason while hanging my clothes on the terrace. but why am i trying to justify this?

just because i’m writing an e-journal??

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