June 20, 2000

god! where am i??

got into the silk-list at last!! my id’s ceres_chanakya@yahoo.com.

spent the entire day getting ‘in’to a section and getting out of another (!!!) thanks to the power-cuts here!!

i did find jace and indrajit and ramu and now methinx i lost them again!!!

god! arachnis is the right term for the company!! jace, where are u on the list?? which grp?? and how do i get in??

finally replied to one demian meyer on the zenforum list. cant wait to read the reply tomorrow!

jacob has just asked me to help with the industry index. the industry index!!!!!

that’s tons of work!! why dint they put me on to this before!! i always do like compiling info like that!!!

jacob’s got abt five ppl working on this index for abt three months now, but none of them were actually trained how to go abt it!! and of course jacob is only as old as me in this organisation, which means there were others before him!!

result: no training = no stylesheet = no style = no consistency = no peace of mind from tomorrow!!!

but actually, methinx i’m fairly enthu abt this new challenge. mebbe i’ll take the stylesheet from verghese and explain to the famous five what they need to do !

gotta rush for violin class right now, and might come back to surf for the industry index again!!! also got to mail pratap (hr person) asap!

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